Failure to do this will aggravate allergies!

This article is going to talk about something professional with you who are deeply troubled by allergies! Let you know more about the principle of allergies!

If you have symptoms of allergies or your relatives and friends also have them, you may have asked the same question, "Can allergies be cured?"

The essence of allergies is actually an overreaction of the immune system to non-pathogenic agents. The root cause is the misjudgment of the immune system. But the immune system is an important tool to protect our body from foreign pathogens.

What should I do then? If you give up the entire immune system due to allergies, and lack the support of the immune system, your life will be full of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, leading to frequent illnesses! This is very scary and dangerous. If the allergies cannot be cured, then we can only take the second place and control it!

One of the more effective methods requires everyone to ensure a reasonable and normal lifestyle, including a regular schedule of work and rest, a balanced and healthy diet, and the habit of exercising regularly, so that the immune system is trained to be obedient and obedient, and to reduce the allergies source that can be obtained in life.

For everyone, it's like the saying that you should drink more water if you are not sick, and drink more water if you are sick! Three meals a day on time, more exercise... to improve immunity! So can the rules of life really cure all diseases? If everyone doesn't even have a healthy and regular life, let alone how to control allergies. Your body's immune system cannot withstand your multiple injuries!

I believe you will be very puzzled: What is the relationship between the two? why?

Imagine if your body is a barrel, and the stress and urgency in your life environment, such as poor sleep, eating imbalance, tired work, too little exercise, too much stress, mood swings, etc., everything is Like raindrops, fall into the rain bucket. These pressures gradually accumulate, and the space that can be contained in the rain bucket will start to become smaller and smaller. If only a little allergen is encountered at this time, which will exert pressure on the body, the rain bucket can no longer be filled, and it will start to overflow, which is when allergic symptoms begin to appear.

On the contrary, if we usually keep the big belly of the rain bucket, there is no accumulation of other life pressures, even if we have allergic symptoms, but encounter a small amount of allergens, it will not be so prone to allergic reactions. This is your immune system. Protecting you!

For example, we often hear our friends who are allergic to pollen constantly complaining, "As long as this tree blooms, I will be miserable." Maybe the allergic symptoms of a friend are not all caused by that tree, but the friend's recent Overwork, overwork, lack of sleep, plus busyness and no time to wash the sheets, increase the exposure of dust and dust mites, all the allergic reactions caused by the accumulation of everything together, don't just wrong a good tree easily.

Parents with furry babies at home, if they are mildly allergic to animal dander, I believe they will often have this condition. When your body is tired and your immune system is weak, you are especially prone to allergic symptoms. In the busy life of modern people, it is inevitable that there will be such a situation, staying up late for work, eating abnormally, and sleeping well at night. At this time, the dander on furry babies' body may become the last straw that crushes the camel.

The stress sources in life are difficult to control, so the allergen tolerance space left in the water collection bucket becomes narrower. At this time, it is more important to regularly clean the animal dander accumulated in the home, or use suitable cleaning supplies regularly and continuously to clean the fur of the furry baby.

Busy you, no matter how busy you are, you have to take free time to enjoy a quality time with the cute furry babies, let the innocent soul remove the worries of the day for you, and take this opportunity to get up close and wipe off a dandruff allergen for your furry baby.

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