About Us

I'm Cindy. I may be the founder of goodluckpetshome.com, but really Becky is the CEO. Becky is my daughter. She's my partner. She's my inspiration. We have something in common, that is We both love pets.

We had a puppy once,his name is Lucky. He is naughty, but clever. It will try to grab our attention and follow us everywhere. Becky and I love him so much, Because we all regard Lucky as a member of the family. Unfortunately,one day, Lucky disappeared.It didn't come back, and we couldn't find it. I regret that I didn't take care of it like I took care of my family.

To miss Lucky and to make sure that every pet lover and their pet never experience this kind of misfortune again , I specially set up this pet products shop, hope all pet lovers and pets are lucky and happy, always together as a family.

This pet products shop offer kinds of  a variety of practical pet supplies at affordable prices. Let your pet feel the care and consideration of the family. Here is also their home while pets need something. Just Shop as freely as you would at home !